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Image & Style

What Is Image Consulting? How Does It Work?

Image consulting covers a broad range of topics which engage personal analysis and discovery. The result is an in-depth understanding of one's strengths and attributes, and how to work with and enhance them visually. To polish and refine one's presence increases confidence. I have witnessed over and over again the beneficial effects of these simple changes ripple out into all areas of peoples' lives; leading to more positive experience and greater happiness.

What's it like to work with a personal stylist? This video gives you an inside look!


what is image consulting? 

Image Consulting is about much more than the clothes you wear and how you wear them. It's the art of getting to know who you really are, from the inside out. It aligns wardrobe and lifestyle choices with personal style, to reflect your most authentic and amazing self.

Working with an image consultant is transformative and inspiring. A series of fun assessments will identify your best features, unique attributes, power colours and more, so you can shop and dress with increased confidence and success.

These powerful tools help to clear closet clutter, make discerning choices, save time and money and turn shopping and styling into effortless fun from day to night.

how does it work?

Style Analysis

Your image update starts here.

An in-depth assessment of your lifestyle, goals and values combined with a clear understanding of how best to dress for your body type and unique personality gives you the formula for enhanced confidence and true shopping success.

Colour Analysis 

Identify your personal power colours.

Wearing the colours that best compliment your skin tone will help you look and feel years younger, let you shop confidently and create a seamless, effortless wardrobe, so you always look perfectly put together. 

Closet Audit

Welcome a bright new future.

If you have a closet full of clothes but are wearing the same things everyday, feel stuck in a rut, or simply want to make a fresh start; de-cluttering your closet is a crucial first step.

Shop Smart

Don’t buy more, buy better.

If you want to know how and where to shop efficiently and make it easier to look stylish and coordinated while sticking to your budget, Shop Smart coaching is for you. 

Personal Shopping

Don’t want to shop?

If you know it’s important to look your best and stay on trend, but you hate to shop, feel overwhelmed by crowded malls or just don’t have the time or patience, personalized shopping is the ideal solution because all the legwork is done for you. 

Wedding Style 

Getting married?

You want to look your best! Update your image for the wedding and start your new life with skills that keep you looking fresh, polished and stylish.

Best Dress For Brides is a consultation option that uses your style profile to find your perfect bridal gown and accessories before you shop for hours. Save time and energy. Buy with purpose. Avoid endless browsing, overspending, high-pressure boutique sales and confusion.